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The VIDo software is one of the client applications designed to work with the FASTI system. It is developed in the standard design of the Windows OS, utilizing elements from Windows File Explorer, and provides users with a clear and user-friendly graphical interface. In addition to electronic document exchange, the program’s functionality includes:

  • Access from local network computers to the FASTI server through a proxy server.
  • “Resume” of messages, allowing a significant reduction in traffic load and the use of “unstable” data transmission channels.
  • The ability to include multiple file attachments in one message.
  • Simultaneous message sending to multiple users, reducing traffic.
  • Archive management.
  • Import and export of settings such as “Sorting” and “Filtering,” facilitating the transition to new hardware.
  • The ability to check the server’s functionality using the appropriate option.
  • User notification about the delivery of a message to the server.

In VIDo, a mechanism for guaranteed delivery of electronic documents is implemented, where a notification of receiving the electronic document is automatically generated for each received electronic document. The notification is generated in CMS format and contains a link to the received electronic document.

The exchange occurs in several stages:

  • Stage 1: Formation of an electronic document in CMS format.
  • Stage 2: Client “A” sends the CMS message to the FASTI server.
  • Stage 3: Client “A” receives a confirmation of receipt from the server.
  • Stage 4: Client “B” receives the CMS message.
  • Stage 5: Client “B” sends a confirmation of receipt to the FASTI server.
  • Stage 6: The FASTI server generates and sends a CMS confirmation of delivery to client “B” for the original message.
  • Stage 8: Client “A” receives the CMS confirmation of delivery.
  • Stage 9: Client “A” sends a confirmation of receipt to the FASTI server for the CMS confirmation.

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