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Questioning ISMT and Clearing participants

Poll questions Amount of answers
1. Quality satisfaction and completeness of services
Do NPC payment systems meet your needs (software, information processing speed, security, communication, etc.)? «Yes» 26
Are the mechanisms, rules, and procedures of NPC clear, understandable and comprehensive? «Yes» 26
Are the criterias and requirements for providing access to work in payment systems accessible and clear? «Yes» 26
Does the quality of the services provided by NPC to your organization correspond to the Agreement terms? «Yes» 26
2. Satisfaction with the quality of service
Are you satisfied with restoration time of NPC payment systems in case of emergency? «Yes» 26
Does NPC carry out its agreement commitments? «Yes» 26
Have you contacted the NPC call-center during 2020? (specify the number of requests): Didn’t contact – 2
Number of requests down to 5 – 7
Number of requests from 5 to 10 – 8
Number of requests more then 10 – 9
Have you received answers to your questions, were they complete? full answer was received – 24
What type of feedback do you prefer from NPC? the existing scheme (call-center) – 22
feedback form on the official website of NPC – 1
Your suggestion – 1
Do you think that NPC staff is enough competent and qualified in its sphere? «Yes» 24
Are you satisfied with ethic and responsiveness of NPC staff on your issues? «Yes» 26
Are you satisfied with NPC activities on solving urgent issues? «Yes» 26
3. Satisfaction with information accessibility
Do you think that provided information about rules and processes on web site of NPC is completed and accessible for understanding? «Yes» 26
Do you think that provided information about continuity of business policy on web site of NPC is completed and accessible for understanding? «Yes» 26
Your suggestions for improving the performance of payment systems, as well as the quality of service delivery 4
Please mention the areas of our activities that need of improvement 1